Option On-Premise Hosted
Servers The acquiring, licensing and maintenance of the servers are the client’s responsibility The system is hosted on a Signify server. Although the database will be on the same server as other client databases, the database is NOT shared with other clients. The maintenance of the server(s) is Signify’s responsibility
SQL Server License Client’s responsibility Signify’s responsibility
Windows Server Software License Client’s responsibility Signify’s responsibility
Signify LMS Software installation Signify’s responsibility. RDP (Remote Desktop) access to the server(s) is required. Signify’s responsibility
Redundancy Client’s responsibility The level of redundancy will depend on the client’s requirements and cost sensitivity.The default implementation does not make provision for 100% mirroring and load balancing. In the case of a disaster, a backup server will be brought online and the latest backups will be restored on this server. At an additional cost, the client’s solution can be hosted on a separate server (not shared with other clients).
Backups Client’s responsibility Signify makes daily backups to another server on the same premises. Off-site backups can also be provided but will be quoted for separately.
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