The role of your HR department is to recruit, develop and retain a competent and effective workforce. As part of these responsibilities, they also need to manage disciplinary processes, provide management and legislative reports and address general HR-related queries. By automating some of these functions, your HR practitioners can focus on these key tasks, instead of spending their time on administration.

The Signify HRMS allows for the appropriate and effective storage of HR data, the automation of certain HR processes, and the ability to report on key aspects of the business pertaining to Human Resources. Through these automations, the user-friendly functionality in the system enables organisations to improve productivity in the HR department (HR business partners and HR consultants), and also for managers and for employees across the organisation.

The Employee Self Service portal allows employees to keep certain data updated through an auditable and controlled update process. Moreover, employees can manage their leave, view their payslips, apply for positions, view their job profiles, interact with the HR department, and much more. Managers are able to approve leave requests, approve training requests, view reports and respond to certain workflow requests.

Typical modules that form part of our Human Resource Management System are:
Recruitment and Selection
Employee Management (Foundation or Enterprise version)
Leave Management
Performance Management
Learning Management
360° Module
Job Profiling
Career and Succession Planning
Salary Review
Employee and Manager Self-service
Although the typical modules are indicated here, you can still choose only the modules you require.
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Learning Management

Signify's LMS Product Suite empowers you to manage a full blended learning approach for employees in your organisation, or offer learning solutions to your external clients.

Performance Management

Automate your organisation's Performance strategy through the flexible Performance Management Product Suite.

Implementation and Training

We provide support to our clients during the implementation process by providing consultation services, workshops, formal training sessions and on-the-job training.

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