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For comprehensive HR management, consider these highlighted modules. This suite empowers you and your HR administrators to efficiently handle employee data, leave management, and recruitment. You have the flexibility to choose specific modules based on your requirements.



The Extended CORE product expands upon the foundation of the Signify Talent Management Solution, offering organisations additional features to enhance their talent management capabilities. Mentoring and coaching features foster employee growth and engagement. The recruitment requisition feature enables managers to start the recruitment process, after which the recruitment request is sent to a 3rd party recruitment system.

The inclusion of a chatbot helpdesk improves user support and enhances HR service delivery.

The Extended CORE product equips organisations with comprehensive tools to optimise talent management, drive efficiency, and support the growth and development of their workforce.

The Signify Job Profiler streamlines the process of maintaining and analysing detailed job information.

It provides standardised templates, custom competency frameworks, and a user-friendly interface for defining job requirements, responsibilities, qualifications, and training matrices.

The product enables competency mapping and gap analysis, aligning job profiles with strategic goals. Through integration with other Signify products, organisations can optimize recruitment, career and succession planning, and training programs, while fostering a culture of continuous learning and development.

The Job Profiler contributes to maximising workforce potential, enhances talent acquisition, and drives organisational success.

The Signify Talent Management Solution seamlessly integrates with specific third-party recruitment systems, providing a significant boost to the overall recruitment process for organisations.

Starting within the Signify system, managers can initiate the recruitment process through the Recruitment Requisition process.

This feature enables managers to request the creation and filing of specific positions, as well as the replacement of existing employees.

By integrating with external recruitment tools or platforms, organisations can harness the strengths of these tools while capitalising on the comprehensive talent management feature provided by Signify. This integration empowers organisations to optimise their recruitment efforts, streamline workflows, and effectively manage their talent management acquisition process.

Signify’s Talent Management Solution enables individual employees to take ownership of their own data and keep it up to date.

This self-service functionality allows employees to maintain accurate and current information, starting from personal and biographical details to contact information, qualifications, work experience, and more.

With configurable field settings, organisations have full control over which fields employees can view or update, ensuring data integrity while still providing employees the flexibility to manage their own information.

By shifting the responsibility of certain data maintenance to individual employees, organisations can improve data accuracy, reduce administrative burden, and foster a culture of data ownership and accountability.

Utilise the Salary Increase Management product for effective management of annual salary increases.

Provide managers with employee salary and market line values, alongside a departmental budget for salary increases. Integration with the Performance Management product suggests performance increases, market adjustments, and bonuses per employee, empowering managers to make informed decisions and streamline the annual performance increase process.

The Signify Leave product efficiently manages employee leave with request, approval, and tracking features.

It maintains balances, provides leave calendars, and supports customised leave policies. Employees can view balances, submit requests, track history, and approve requests through a self-service portal and mobile application.

The product offers comprehensive reporting and compliance features. With streamlined processes and transparency, Signify Leave simplifies leave management for employees and managers.

The integration capability of the Signify system allows for seamless synchronisation of people data with third-party payroll systems.

This integration ensures that key employee information such as personal details, employment status, and organisational hierarchy remains consistent and up to date across both platforms.

By eliminating manual data entry and providing real-time or scheduled data exchange, organisations can streamline their HR and payroll processes, reduce administrative burdens, and improve data accuracy.

The integration between Signify and third-party payroll systems ensure a seamless flow of information between HR and payroll functions.

  • The Graphical Insights & Report Builder product in Signify empowers users to gain valuable insights from their data.
  • It offers the flexibility to create customised reports using the data warehouse.
  • Users can design reports tailored to their specific needs, enabling them to analyse trends, track key metrics, and make data-driven decisions.
  • Additionally, the product provides the option to view data in a graphical format, facilitating visual representation and understanding of complex information.
  • With the Graphical Insights & Report Builder product, users can unlock the power of their data, uncover meaningful patterns, and drive informed actions for improved performance and success.

The Signify Workplace Observation App is your solution for streamlining workplace observation assessments. Assessors can seamlessly download targeted assessments and employee data to their mobile devices for offline access. Using the app, assessors efficiently record assessment results while observing learners in practical tasks. It offers diverse question types and facilitates real-time comment capture. At the assessment's outset, student photos and locations are documented, with provisions for outcome declarations and signatures. Upon assessment completion, both the assessor and learner can access a comprehensive result transcript. When back online, the results seamlessly synchronize with the LMS.

Elevate your assessment processes with our intuitive Assessor app, simplifying your workflow and enhancing productivity.

The Signify Mobile App is a comprehensive learning and productivity tool designed to enhance the user's experience. After logging in, the app aligns with the company's branding, synchronizes user data, and securely stores selected learning content.

The app brings HR functions to the fingertips of employees through the following functions:

  • Learning Portal: Users can explore personalised learning pathways, including training requirements, favourite courses, recent courses, e-learning programs, and downloaded courses. Offline access of some content types is available for uninterrupted learning.
  • Tasks: A built-in task management tool allows users to efficiently manage their tasks, track progress, and assign tasks to others, complete with features like due dates, media attachments, and location details.
  • Leave Management: For organisations that use the Signify Leave Module, users can seamlessly access the Leave portal, simplifying leave requests and approvals.
  • Logbook: The app includes a Logbook module for users to log time, location, distance travelled, and media files, ensuring accurate record-keeping of their travelling.
  • My Details: Users can conveniently view and edit their personal information within the app, streamlining user profile management.
  • My Achievements: This section showcases users' learning progress, achievements, points, badges, campaigns, and leaderboards, providing motivation and recognition.

The Signify Mobile App empowers users to take control of their learning journey, manage tasks efficiently, and stay connected with their organization's processes, all while enjoying a user-friendly and branded interface. Whether online or offline, it's a versatile tool that elevates both learning and productivity.

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