Altron People Solutions

Altron People Solutions is a leading provider of Digital Business Transformation Solutions, with a wealth of experience and a plethora of offerings to assist and guide organisations on their digital journey. Altron People Solutions will simplify the complexity of training, learning and enabling your employees’ career development, through the provision of their strong skills and advanced solutions. Altron People Solutions is a registered Value Added Reseller and implementation partner of the Signify products.


Established in 2000, PaySpace is the leaders in true cloud-based Payroll software solutions providing new, improved solutions to help businesses operate in the modern era where managers and employees have access to information at the touch of a button.

Integration Offer
Through the integration with PaySpace, Signify offers our clients the ability to manage the complete employee life cycle, from recruitment, to onboarding, management, development, and now also payroll. When appointing or updating an employee on Signify, the employee is automatically created and updated on PaySpace, ensuring a seamless experience between HR and payroll. It also allows the employee to download their payslips from the Signify ESS portal. All payroll management and functions are still managed within PaySpace, while other employee management functions are conducted in Signify.


Signify has partnered with SkillsTown to offer our clients an even wider range of eLearning content - blended, online micro-learning for technical and soft skill training, as well as an online MBA.

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