The Signify system is modular, allowing you to only select the modules that will be used to benefit your organisation. As your business grows or your requirements change, you may choose to activate additional modules. Certain modules are always included as part of your implementation and are listed in the section "Include in all Suites".

Our three main product suites are listed below. Clients who purchase these product suites, typically select specific modules – these modules are indicated in the section "Typical Modules per Suite". These selections are only guidelines and can be altered based on your requirements. For an overview of the Product Suite, click on the relevant Suite button below. Click on the individual module names on the left to view the overview of the specific module.

Performance Management


Performance Management Suite Overview

One of the main purposes of the Signify Performance Management System is to formalise the agreement process (expectations) between the employee and the manager – in line with business objectives. At the end of each agreement period, the employee is evaluated based on the expected outputs, tasks, competencies and behaviours. Automated notifications keep employees and managers up to date regarding the status of the agreement and evaluation processes. Detail reports provide feedback regarding the statuses of agreements and ratings. Summary reports provides insight into the rating distributions per organisational unit.

Although there are certain standard practices pertaining to performance management, we understand that our clients have different needs when it comes to the implementation of their specific processes and terminologies. The Signify Performance Management System is flexible enough to cater for these range of differences through standard system configurations.

The intuitive and user-friendly interface contribute to the ease with which the system can be implemented once your employees are made aware of the advantages of performance management through appropriate change management processes.

Typical modules that form part of our Performance Management System are:

  • Employee Management (Foundation Version)
  • Performance Management
  • Personal Development Plan (PDP or IDP)
  • Dashboards